We have experience working with City, County & State Officials.  We work with structural engineers to give them the greater perspective they need to ensure all environmental impacts are considered for their projects.

Our lengthy experience in aviation and aerial photography (30 years) insures that our job will follow all state and federal regulation.  In addition, we carry the liability insurance that the administrators require for our operations with them.  Here are some of our previous customers - references are available.

  • Clark County Washington Manager's Office  - Urban Growth Planning
  • Link to our published work for the Clark County Community Planning Annual Report:
  • Washington State Parks & Recreation - previously permitted for Cape Disappointment State Park (We were the first permitted operator in Washington State).

Below are some previous jobs and/or samples of  Real Estate, Urban Growth Planning & Infrastructure/Environmental Planning drone imagery in Washington State, Vancouver & Clark County, WA.  

2017 Clark County Community Planning Anunual Report (all aerial  drone photos were captured by us.)