Drone Business, Website, Domain for Sale


Drone Business For Sale

www.NWDrones.net is for sale.  This includes the Domain Name, Website, Business Name: NW Drones Aerial Services, Social Media pages & Business Listings.  I have some ground equipment for sale with it if you need it.  It is a turn-key website & business presence.  Legally, the FAA requires you to have your drone license in order to charge fees to take aerial photos.  However, there are many online programs to get that done quickly.  Why selling?  I don't have the time to meet all of the requests for jobs & I am not interested in hiring employees.  I turn down several jobs each month.  This Vancouver, WA drone business for sale can bring more drone jobs to the area.

Established, Highest Ranking Google Placement in the Area

Other drone photography businesses are paying for placement & ads in Google - but this site is completely organic.  We don't pay for ads - yet retain the highest rankings in Vancouver & SW Washington & Clark County.  This site is appx 3 years old.  It comes with all content & once purchased - you are free to use the content.


You can see that most of our customers have been Realtors in Vancouver, Felida, Salmon Creek, Washougal, Camas and all of Clark County placing their real estate and homes for sale using our images.  However, we also have regular jobs done for the County Manager's office in Clark County.

Social Media Established

We have established Google Business Listing, Yelp Business Listing, Instagram, Facebook  - all of which is already done for you.  This is a turn-key drone business for sale.  Drone jobs are in high demand in the area.

Equipment Included

IF you need equipment, I have a high visibility Drone Pilot vest, NW Drones Aerial Services vehicle magnets, traffic cone, ground markers (for GPS/Survey).  All of that goes with the business.  For an additional $1,000, I will include my DJI Mavic Pro Drone with 4 batteries, case, charger, remote, & filters.

I am willing to advise while you are starting out for a period of 30 days if you need assistance.  However, I don't train drone pilots - nor certify them.  There are a few drone training instructors in the Portland and Vancouver area.  

How Much?

Keep in mind, you could buy your own domain name and build a website from scratch.  However, it would take YEARS for you to establish the presence and trusted local presence that we have done over the last 3-4 years.  Since I am a sole proprietor - my yearly income from this business is confidential.  Therefore, I will not divulge that information.  However, the more available time you have to do jobs; willing to travel locally; and do good work - you can double what I have done.  I turn down several jobs per month due to my time constraints and wish to do most of my business close to Vancouver.  This business, website & domain name is priced with that in mind:  $4,500.   It is not negotiable.  Contact us if you are interested.