Airspace Regulations (explains where we can fly)

Vancouver, Washington

Airspace map of Vancouver, Washington for drone flights.  This shows restricted airspace related to Portland International Airport.  There are a couple of "cutouts" you can see in the PDX airspace that do allow for Part 107 commercial drone flights.  However, there are other requirements - such as notification.  Also, the new LAANC automated authorization system allows drone operators to get quick automated permission (usually in the sectors with an altitude number OTHER THAN zero).  If you see a Zero "0" in the square - that means that a special application is required for flight there (if it's in the PDX circle).

Vancouver & Portland Overview

Here you can see the general overview of the Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington areas in regards to airspace.  Remember, if the drone pilot you hire DOES NOT have a Part 107 License; and/or shoots video or photos in RESTRICTED AIRSPACE - and then you post/publish those photos for your business or organization - YOU will also be under investigation and face possible FINES from the FAA.  Hire us, and you won't have to worry.